The 337th Infantry Regiment in Italy During WWII

337th Veterans

My web page and the associated research has enabled me to come in contact with numerous veterans of the 337th Infantry and many other related organizations (338th, 339th (Polar Bears), 310th Engineers, 85th Division). Specifically, it has enabled me to locate, communicate with and actually meet several men who served with my Dad. I also am continuing to build a roster of all men who served in the 337th, and to date have over 3600 names idendtifed. My roster is based on the General Orders (GOs) that awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge or a Purple Heart. I am approximately only 40% complete.

Dad served as the platoon guide for 3rd Platoon, Company C of the 337th. Members of this platoon that have contacted me and/or my father include:

  • Lt. William C. Standish (platoon leader, deceased 2012)
  • Gordon R. True (deceased 2006)
  • Cletus Scherer (deceased 2010)
  • Bob Strippel (deceased)
  • Herbert Fisher (deceased, 2000)
  • Henry L Deittrick

I have had the pleasure of meeting both Bill Standish and Gordon True. A newspaper clipping from Stars and Stripes that my dad saved since the war led me to them. Click here to read this story.

Other members of the 3rd Platoon that Dad remembered:

  • Elroy Granadis (Waco, TX)
  • ?? Cook (WV, KIA last day of the war)
  • Noel Mullinax (Red Bailey Springs, TN)
  • Chuck Chicanetti
  • John Aron (Coshocton, OH)
  • King D. Basden
  • Gilbert Sullivan
  • Arthur D. Winstead
  • George, "Doc", Sherow

Other 337th members who I have shared their history with me with include:

  • Rudolf Huff
  • James Conduitt
  • Jack Klein (Company H)
  • John Moore (Company A)
  • Dale Shank (Company G)
  • James Price (Company C, Mortar Platoon, Cleburne TX, deceased 2007)
  • Tom Sneary (Company L, 2nd Platoon Leader,deceased 2007)
  • Natividad (Nato) Garcia

Veteran's Files

Several veterans have sent me copies of their personal memories, documents, pictures, and other records. Click on the names below to view the sets of information from these veterans.

The 337th Regiment had a reunion organization that is now inactive. The last reunion (and 50th) was held in 2004. The organization was for former members of the 337th Regiment and all attached organizations (including 310th Engineering Battalion).